Advent: Day 1

Read Isaiah 2:1-5

Almighty God, on this first day of Advent we thank you for the coming of Jesus Christ into our world. We rejoice that what Isaiah looked forward to has come to pass in the person and work of our Lord. And yet, we also acknowledge that we continue to await the full consummation of the peace and reconciliation our Prince of Peace will finally bring.

Our desire is for all people of this world to bow in humble worship before you. We pray for you to teach us all your ways so we may walk in your paths. Mold us into the humble and teachable followers we need to be to live lives that bring you glory. Indeed, we know our walk with you is being watched by those who do not yet know you. Thus, we earnestly and urgently pray we will walk in ways worthy of our Lord and Savior and of his Gospel. We pray for people who look to us and our good works to be compelled to give you praise in heaven and come to know you as their loving Father.

We look forward to the Righteous Judge who will judge rightly among the nations and bring a final peace to our world. We long to see war, violence, and strife of all kinds come to an end. And yet, while we wait, we know you call your children to live in light of your promises and the longings you place in each of us. Empower us by your Spirit to live as the salt and light you declare we already are. Give us opportunities to manifest your Kingdom influence in this world. We consecrate ourselves to you and pray you will use us as your faithful ambassadors to bring reconciliation to the world you created.

  • We pray for those people and places in our world which are being subjected to injustice and oppression.
  • We pray for world leaders to seek peace instead of violence and war.
  • We pray for you to pour out peace and harmony in the midst of relational conflicts in the homes of our own churches and communities.

Enable us, O Lord, to be faithful in all circumstances. And remind us that this will ultimately be your work in and through us. Therefore, gracious God, help us to always trust you. In the name of the Prince of Peace we pray. Amen.

Walking Points

  1. In what ways are you bearing fruit as an ambassador of reconciliation in your spheres of influence? In what ways are you struggling with this call?
  2. Take a few minutes to brainstorm, on paper, how you can more faithfully walk in the light of Christ and bring peace to the lives and circumstances of those in your life. Begin praying today, asking the Lord to inspire you with ideas and to encourage and empower you to start putting some of those ideas into action.

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