Advent: Day 3

Read Psalm 131

Lord, I put all my confidence in you and not myself or the things of this world. My hope is in you. I don’t have to know all the answers because I know you do. You are sovereign, all-loving and good, and all-wise. My confidence is in you.

Please remove my impulse to think that I know best, that I have to be in control. Rid me of my pride that finds it difficult to let go of my illusion of control and to fully trust you in every circumstance. Give me the contentment of a young child who completely embraces the confidence and security of a loving mother.

I pray the fruit of my confidence in you will be a calm and quiet soul. Let the worries of this world fade into nothing. Cause the fears that sometimes haunt me to fall away. Replace these with the peace and rest that are found only in you. My hope, O Lord, is in you – in the here and now and forevermore. My present and my future are in your hands. In all things, I trust you.

  • I pray for those who are paralyzed by fear and worry. Give them peace and empower them by your Spirit to place their confidence in you.
  • I pray for those going through hard times of trial and temptation. Help them persevere to the end, with the assurance that you are right there with them, every step of the way.
  • I pray for those who can’t let go of the reigns of their life. For those who “have to be in control.” Give them eyes to see that they’re not really in control at all. Give them the poverty of spirit they need to turn to you and trust you in their circumstances.

I ask this in your sovereign and loving name, Amen.

Walking Points

  • Why do you think it’s so hard to trust God the way a small child fully trusts his or her mother? What are your biggest stumbling blocks to putting your full confidence in God?
  • Who do you know who struggles with fear and anxiety about the present and/or the future? What is a practical way for you to minister to them? To encourage them?
  • Use the prayer above to pray for yourself. Then, read it again and use it as a prayer for the person you named in the above question. Let them know you prayed for them about this. Perhaps it will open other doors for future discussions with them about faith.

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