Southside Men

We are a discipleship ministry of Southside United Methodist Church. Each week our men gather on Monday evenings, Wednesday mornings, and Wednesday evenings to study the Bible, pray for and encourage one another, and enjoy Christian fellowship. We seek to be accountable to one another as we prepare for each week’s lesson, participate in discussions, build each other up in our faith, and pray for one another’s needs. To paraphrase John Wesley, our desire is to watch over one another in love.

Our philosophy of men’s ministry is pretty simple. We believe men are transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the inside out. When a man trusts in the Gospel he becomes a new creation in Christ. His worldview and character begin to change and he starts to think, speak, and live like Christ in every sphere of his life. As a man is conformed to the ​likeness of Christ, he naturally begins to influence the world ​around him.  He permeates the various spheres of his life as salt and light: at home, work, church, neighborhood and community, city, culture, and even the world.

God uniquely calls, gifts, and leads each man to make a difference in the world for the sake of God’s kingdom and glory. Our time together each week serves men toward this purpose.

If you aren’t able to meet with us during one of our small group meeting times, I would be delighted to meet with you in person or via Zoom video. At Southside, we take ministry to men seriously and want to do all we can to help you become the man God has created, redeemed, and called to you be.

Your Brother in Christ,

Check out our church website to see what we’re studying together.