Pastoral Ministry

Preaching Courses

The Fundamentals of Expository Preaching with Steve Lawson   
The Mechanics of Expository Preaching with Steve Lawson   
Expository Preaching of the Psalms with Steve Lawson   
Preaching Courses with Albert Martin   
The Charles Simeon Trust
Bryan Chappell Interviews and his Course at Biblical or Here at Covenant Theological Seminary      
Homiletics at PRTS   
Reformed Experiential Preaching at PRTS   
Courses and Lectures on Preaching at Westminster Theological Seminary   
He Gave Us Stories with Richard Pratt   
Bible Study Methods with Mark Strauss   
Biblical Hermeneutics with Robert Stein   
How to Study Your Bible with George Guthrie   
Expository Preaching with Haddon Robinson   
Biblical Preaching with John Stott    
Biblical Hermeneutics with Water Kaiser   

Pastoral Ministry Ministries

9Marks  and Video
Pastor to Pastor
One Passion
Pastors and Leadership at
Langham Partnership
Proclamation Trust
Pastor Life
The Thriving Pastor
David Murray
The Master’s Seminary and Video and Here
The Shepherd’s Conference

Pastoral Theology Courses

Pastoral Theology Courses with Albert Martin
Courses taught by faculty at The Master’s Seminary   
Courses taught by the faculty at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary   
Courses taught by the faculty at Westminster Theological Seminary  
Courses taught by the faculty at Covenant Theological Seminary  
Third Millennium Ministry Courses
Courses offered at Our Daily Bread Christian University   ​

Preaching & Bible Study Resources

Homiletics Online
Preaching Today
Sermon Central
Bible Gateway
Pastor Resources
Sermon Search
The Pastor’s Helper
The Text This Week
Trinity URC
Union Church
Executable Outlines

Great Preaching

John MacArthur – audio and video
Tony Evans
John Piper
Welcome to the Sermon
H.B. Charles
Ligonier Ministries
Alistair Begg
Martyn Lloyd-Jones