Puritan Studies

Puritan Theology by Joel Beeke 
The Reformation by Carl Trueman 
History and Theology of the Puritans by Douglas Kelly
The Westminster Confession of Faith (audio course) by David Calhoun 
Reformation and Modern Church History (audio course) by David Calhoun 
A Survey of Church History – 1500-1600 by Robert Godfrey 
A Survey of Church History – 1600-1800 by Robert Godfrey  
The English Reformation and the Puritans by Michael Reeves 
English Puritan Theology audio lectures by J.I. Packer 
J.I. Packer audio lectures on the Puritans at  Sermon Audio
Puritan Studies Syllabus from North American Reformed Seminary 
Various Lectures on Puritanism 
Richard Baxter at Southern Seminary 
Puritans at Southern Seminary 
William Perkins Conference
Puritan Documentary: Official Trailer (and here for website)
Audio lectures for purchase from Regent Seminary
Reformation Heritage Books
Banner of Truth
Miscellaneous audio lectures and other content at Sermon Audio 
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary resources at Sermon Audio