My name is Dale Tedder and I am the Minister of Discipleship at Southside United Methodist Church, in Jacksonville, Florida. 

For over 25 years I have focused on discipleship via teaching the Bible, spiritual direction, and pastoral care. I also love writing.

God has called me to encourage and equip the folks at my church to grow in their faith and relationship with Christ by…​

  • knowing him better,
  • loving him more,
  • becoming more like him,
  • and following him more faithfully in every sphere of their lives.

I am also a member of The Fellowship of Ailbe, which is a spiritual fellowship. Let me encourage you to click here to learn more about this fellowship and discover the many online opportunities and resources for greater spiritual growth and vitality for your own life as well as those in your spheres of influence.

[Click here to learn more about the name of this website, Walking Points.]

​I hope this website will faithfully represent the “online version” of my calling, passion, and ministry. I pray God will use this small effort for his glory and the blessing of those who visit here. 

​My wonderful wife and I have four children – from 22 to 12 – and we are “enthusiastic” fans of the Georgia Bulldogs… in good times and bad.

Grace and Truth,